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Private Label

Private brand products allow you to differentiate your products from competitors' product.

We are offering Private Label services to feature your goods:

  • Help lase or print your logo on product

  • label logo and related sticker

  • Arranging for package with your logo&written requirements

  • OEM project in supplier development

We also available to complete screening,re-pack and label for your FBA shipment

  • Sorting and re-pack your product bundling as request

  • Printing and affixing label of FNSKU&shipping carton sticker for your shipment


We are able to help any merchants sourcing from China, especially for factory stock at dirty low price with decent quality.

  • Stock information, searching for the pruduct with price negotiating, sample booking, order placing;

  • Inspecting your product before shipped-out;

  • Bundling your product if you have more than one supplier or one piece going into a "set" for shipped-out economically;

  • Stuffing your product into retail packaging boxes or polybags

    Heat shrink wrapping for each product if needed.

Tell us what you’re after, and you‘ll receive our good offer very soon.

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