Container Loading Check (CLC)

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Container Loading Check (CLC), also named Container Loading Supervision (CLS), is conducted to make sure that final product delivered and received match your requirements.

Benefits of Container Loading Check (CLC):

  • Catch the correct defects before shipping
  • It will ensure the product will be delivered to the customer in precisely ordered quantity and quality.
  • Prevent goods get wet, dirty or destroyed, deformed when unloading due to poor container conditions
  • Avoid receiving different products from what you ordered
  • Enhance the quality, quantity, and reduce damaged goods shipped
  • Enable you to save time and money

The inspection should be carried out in the supplier factory when production is ready to ship.

The regular order should be placed and paid in 2-3 days ahead of product completion, and report will be sent in 4-24 hours after inspection. If urgent order, please contact us for more information.

Download the Booking Form, ( Why is an attached file required? because we need the necessary information for the order / inspection better carrying out ) fill out your information, order requirements (check points) which are including supplier information, unit detail, material, color, barcode, shipping marks, function testing and necessary photos that features your product.

If you want to know about the inspection result instantly, on the inspection day, we can send you the brief field report in which recapping your product quality performance.

PS. If the file size is too big to upload, please send by Email:, on this option, please make note the order (payment) ID on the file or email.

Container Loading Supervision (CLS)

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