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What You Should Know
Videos show Why, What and How you request an inspection
What is AQL
What is Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
When Carry Out PSI?
How to Select Your Service
How to Know the Report
What We Can Do
We porvide various quality work to make sure your order delivered as request
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
Pre-Shipment Inspections allow you to verify product quality on site at last stages before outgoing, it is an effective way of preventing quality problems following to your clients.
Container Loading Check (CLC)
Container Loading Check is carried out during the loading of containers with your shipment, its to ensures that the loading of your shipment is carried out in accordance with international rules and regulations.
Factory Audit (FA)
A Factory Audit is a method to evaluate a potential supplier with an onsite visit, to assess their processes and procedures in place to see if they are qualified for your product manufacturing.
During Production Inspection (DPI)
During Production Inspection are specially aiming to filter out any issue from the production line,also to verify if the manufacturing process is proper. It is a method of during production.
What You Would Receive
Inspection report examples tell what we would do
———          Inspection Report        ———
Who We Are
We are a big team but simple work processes
About Us

Since it was established in 2014, Quality Loyal(QL) keep working for worldwide customer to ensure the order processing as desired, has provided their services to a number of different clients around the world, and gained recognition through their short turnaround time and attentive customer service.

We set up Inspector representive around China - Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Yangzhou, Wenzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Hangzhou and so on, to arrange for inspection service anywhere in China.

QL understands and is aware of the importance of impartiality inconducting our services, and the top management is fully committed to it. For this purpose, the company has policies, procedures, and governance to ensure that the service is carried out impartially, independently and ethically. These include but not limited to:In compliance with national and local laws.

Establishing management system according to international standard (ISO17020) and implementing the procedures strictly to control all the aspects of operations. All its employees are bound by conflict of interest policy, not involving in any activities affecting the conduction, interpretation and analysis of the inspections, or any activities (design, research, production, supply, usage, maintenance, etc.) in conflict with the inspections. All its employees are bound by confidential policy.Independent in conducting its inspection services on behalf of its clients. The services are carried out without any pressure from interest parties, commercial or financial relationships, etc.

By providing everyone of our clients with the fast and efficient services they need, we will continue to provide you with added value.
Which areas do you cover for inspection? Any extra fee for remote area?
When is the order placed and report ready? Can I request an urgent report?
What if the inspection result is failed on AQL request, would you do re-inspect?
Can I order an inspection by % of order lot, instead of AQL?
We can carry out the order with supplier located in any area in China because we have inspector deploying in most of cities / towns domestically.
Yes, it could have extra car fee $10~20 for some remote area because we have to send our inspector from other city.
Normally the order will be fixed with 2-3 days ahead of your production ready, and report completed within 24 hours after inspection;
Yes, you could request an urgent order and/or report by paying an extra fee $20~30.
Surely, but client would pay for the re-inspection because we have to assign new plan for this work.
Yes, but the fee could vary for sample size vary.
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