Amazon Sues Two Fake Review Companies: Is Its Own Service Undermining Its Efforts?

Recently, Amazon filed a lawsuit against two fake review companies, PMNLWeb and ProAmazonService, aiming to combat fake reviews and other violations. PMNLWeb is known to recruit reviewers through social media. Once directed to PMNLWeb, reviewers can choose products to purchase. In exchange for a fake 5-star review, PMNLWeb fully refunds the product's purchase price. On the other hand, ProAmazonService offers fake reviews to sellers for $7.99. Besides fake reviews, they also offer other deceptive services, such as removing negative comments from product listings.

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Amazon emphasizes the importance of genuine consumer feedback and encourages spontaneous sharing of purchase experiences. Any attempts to manipulate the review system or solicit fake reviews go against Amazon's policies and values. Amazon will actively investigate sellers involved in soliciting positive reviews and take measures based on the investigation results, including warnings, sales restrictions, account suspensions, or even permanent bans.

There have been reports that Amazon's own products openly solicit positive reviews, leading to criticisms of Amazon's preferential treatment. The cards used for solicitation by Amazon's own products are very similar to those used by sellers who were banned by Amazon for soliciting reviews. Although the card does not mention "positive reviews" or "cashback for reviews", and according to Amazon's seller behavior guidelines, sellers can request reviews with a neutral attitude, many sellers believe that placing such a card is a violation regardless of its neutrality.

Amazon Sues Two Fake Review Companies

Moreover, Amazon's behavior of soliciting reviews can easily lead to account bans, which contradicts its stance on whether soliciting reviews is neutral. This has led sellers to criticize Amazon for having a "double standard". Some sellers even commented, "After all these years on Amazon, aren't we used to it playing both the referee and the athlete?"

As of now, Amazon has not responded to reports of its own products openly soliciting positive reviews. However, it is believed that Amazon will handle the situation appropriately to maintain its reputation.

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