Container Loading Check (CLC)

What is a Container Loading Check?

Container loading check or CLC is carried out during the loading of containers with your shipment. The CLC inspection ensures that the loading of your shipment is carried out in accordance with the internationally accepted rules and regulations.

The CLC container inspection is carried out right after the pre-shipment inspection and it ensures that your products are packed correctly and will not get damaged during the shipment process.

The loading supervision is carried out from a sample of the loading in accordance with the sampling procedures known as AQL or ISO2856-1 (ANSI/ASQZ1.4).

Why Container Loading Check is Important?

There is nothing more disappointing for the client to receive broken or damaged products and that too because of the loading company’s faults. As such, container loading inspection has multiple benefits for your business that you must not overlook. Here are a few ways that you will benefit from a professional container loading audit:

  • It greatly helps to avoid any broken/damaged products during transport.

  • CLC inspection also ensures that the products are properly handled and are not damaged during the loading process.

  • Container loading inspection greatly saves time and money by reducing the number of damaged items.

  • Your customers feel very satisfied with on-time and undamaged delivery.

Also, the CLC inspection will help you choose the best forwarder for your shipments.

How Container Loading Check is Conducted?

Tetra Inspection dispatches its seasoned auditors to your forwarding agency’s premises when the loading is being carried out. Tetra Inspection will ensure that from the 1st carton to the completion of the loading that the process is conducted according to the international standards.

Our inspectors will check for the following aspects of the loading process:

  • Supervise the loading process, including the procedures and processes in place for the loading.

  • Quantity of the cartons is checked against the inventory list provided by you.

  • The condition of the boxes is checked for quality and if there is any damage.

  • The loading plan of the container is verified according to the project timeline.

  • The weight of each box plus container is checked to be proper as per the rules laid down in the regulations.

  • The loading process is checked for Anti-mold measures which checks the best practices for loading i.e. cargo is dry or not etc.

  • The containers are inspected for their quality, condition and the relevant seal numbers.

We highly recommend you to solicit the services of a professional container loading inspection team and avoid any hassle in the later stages of the project.