Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)

Pre-shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment Inspection is a product quality check that would be taken place when your order complete at least 80%, it relies on the internationally recognized ANSI/ASQCZ1.4 (ISO 2859-1) statistical sampling procedure, to make sure the product atthe decent quality level standard, carrying out random sample check on an AQL sample chart regulating, and verify overall quality performance (functionality, duration, appearance,weight and size, etc), packing and documentation ready for shipping out.
After inspection,the 3rd party inspection company (agent) should issue a complete report to present the product quality check results, which help client to make the final decision on the shipment release or stop before shipment leave the supplier.

What Good of a Pre-shipment Inspection?

When you are working with a supplier who you have never met up,
you should take more necessary activities to prevent the risk that could happen with any business, its about money and time that you would pay for, the benefits of   preshipment inspection include:

  • Avoid wrong or missed product shipping
  • Avoid the rework or return for poor quality product releasing tothe client
  • Eliminate the possible troublesome before, not after shipment
  • Save your money without extra unnecessary after-sale work
  • Keep your brand growing up and standing out from tons of competitors
  • Keep your product in good condition and protect your shop in positive reviews

Why Important of a Pre-shipment Inspection?

Preshipment inspection maintains your brand image in your clients.
PSI helps you avoid supply-chain bottlenecks,fines due to poor quality performance and importantly, unsatisfied customers.
Here are a few ways pre-shipment inspection greatly benefits your business:

  • It helps you avoid any last-minute hassles
  • Helps avoid expensive reworks and last-minute delays
  • Helps avoid fines by fulfilling all regulatory requirements
  • PSI inspection avoid misrouting/misplacementof your product
Strongly recommending the Amazon FBA seller to book the service when you place order from supplier abroad, for which you could never see your real product even sample, but its directly bringing on your Amazon shop, quite high risk without the product quality check in the supplier and ship out.