Amazon's Brand Removal Issues: An In-depth Analysis 2023

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, Amazon has established itself as a global leader. However, the aftermath of its much-anticipated Prime Day sales event has been fraught with challenges, particularly for sellers. One such challenge that has emerged recently is a new round of brand checks, leading to a significant number of brand removals.

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Amazon's Prime Day and the Aftermath

Amazon's Prime Day is a global shopping event exclusively for Prime members. It's a day when Prime members can avail of numerous deals and discounts on a wide range of products. However, the recent Prime Day has left sellers grappling with an unexpected issue. As they were still recovering from the sales rush and preparing for the peak season in the latter half of the year, they were hit with a new problem. This issue has raised concerns among sellers and has led to a surge in the demand for professional services to keep your account safely

Brand Checks and Removals

In an attempt to ensure compliance and protect brand integrity, Amazon initiated a new round of brand checks. This process involved a thorough review of all brands selling on the platform. The objective was to identify and remove brands that were found to be in violation of Amazon's policies. The criteria for removal included:

  • Unauthorized use of brand information
  • Selling specific brand products without proper authorization

These actions have left many sellers in a state of uncertainty and concern about their brand's future on the platform. The removals were not limited to small or new sellers; even established brands found themselves facing the same issue.

The Role of Lawyers in Brand Removal

An interesting aspect of this issue is the role of lawyers, specifically those referred to as "black lawyers". These individuals have been linked to the brand removals, with claims that their lack of recognition by Amazon has led to brands being flagged for abuse. However, this claim has been met with skepticism by sellers, leading to a growing demand for transparency in the process. Sellers are now questioning the criteria used by Amazon to blacklist lawyers and the impact of this on their brands.

Seller Reactions and Responses

The brand removals have sparked a wave of reactions among the seller community. Many sellers have expressed their dissatisfaction and concern over the removals. They are seeking to appeal the decisions or are considering changing their legal representation in an attempt to resolve the issue. The situation has sparked a lively discussion among the seller community, with many sharing their experiences and advice. Sellers are now more than ever seeking the assistance of professional services to ensure their brands meet Amazon's compliance standards.


  • Should you include brand name in Amazon title? Yes, including the brand name in the title can help customers find your products more easily. It also adds credibility to your product and can improve your search rankings on Amazon.
  • What is Amazon brand protection? Amazon brand protection is a program that helps protect registered trademarks on Amazon and prevents their misuse. It provides tools to search for and report suspected infringements.
  • How much does Amazon brand registry cost? Amazon Brand Registry is a free program. However, to enroll a brand in the Amazon Brand Registry, you must have an active registered trademark in each country where you wish to enroll.
  • Why is my Amazon listing not showing? There could be several reasons, including compliance issues, listing errors, or technical glitches. It's also possible that your listing is not showing due to a lack of inventory or issues with your seller account.


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