Is Possible to Make Sample Inspection and Evaluation Easily in China?

A Technical Sourcing Awareness on Sample Evaluation

A lot of people ask me if you are going to order a sample and how you can get the samples to destination out of China for evaluation and inspection?  Usually, sample inspection of launches  is done by overseas investors since it's a Trouble that due to very expensive shipping cost and possible high customs when its importing, that you have to pay a lot of duty to get samples and it is not easy at all. So most of the people just send them to local sourcing or friend.
What if you to do the inspection before ordering?
What is the way forward to proceed with supplier and samples, in this case, to get them to your country safely?
Here's regular process and experience on this
You have tried multiple carriers to get samples in your country and some of the top names are
fast and cheap shipping from china
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • UPS
(Everyone knows about them)
All of these couriers are great to get your parcel in most of countries around the world in your footsteps in a matter of a couple of days.

here's the twist...........

For us, the expertise carriers would charge us lot of money and we didn't receive any tracking from them, 
and they provided us with the parcel with proper tracking. On top of this, we received our parcel in a few days.

Note: Above discussed shipping costs also include all types of Duties or Customs

Otherwise, to make sample check easily and quickly, I would suggest to book the sample and send to an inspection agent in China, to help check and issue a report to conclude the sample quality performance, through which you could spend $10-20  for  sample evaulation, make decion on how to process the possible order as early as possible, saving time and money.
Upon those, I would say big YES to evaluate sample in China, furthermore, if you are going to place big order on the supplier, a factory evaluation work (how to do?) is truely necessary.
how much to evaluate a sample in china

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