Pre-Shipment Inspections in China: 5 Things You Must Know

In the world of international trade, pre-shipment inspections in China have become a crucial step for businesses importing goods. These inspections, such as those offered by Qualityloyal Inspection Service (QIS), ensure that products meet the required quality standards before they are shipped.

What is a Pre-Shipment Inspection?

A pre-shipment inspection is a systematic check of goods before they are shipped. This process, guided by the World Trade Organization's guidelines on pre-shipment inspection, is conducted when 80% of the order is complete. It involves:

  • Verifying that the order complies with agreed-upon specifications
  • Checking the quality of the goods
  • Ensuring that the quantity matches the order
  • Assessing the packaging for safety and compliance

5 Common Problems of Pre-Shipment Inspections in China

Despite the importance of pre-shipment inspections, businesses often encounter problems. These include:

  • Conflicting interest of the inspection agency: Some agencies may prioritize their relationship with the supplier over the client's interests.
  • Unclear expectations: Without clear guidelines, the inspection may not cover all necessary areas.
  • Failure to commit: Some businesses fail to commit to regular inspections, leading to inconsistent quality.
  • Lack of responsibility: If the inspection agency does not take responsibility for errors, the client may bear the cost.
  • "Good enough" mindset: Some businesses may accept subpar goods, leading to a decline in overall quality.

To avoid these issues, businesses should follow the U.S. government's regulations on importing goods, which emphasize the importance of thorough inspections.

Why Big Companies Need a Pre-Shipment Inspection

Big companies, in particular, can benefit from pre-shipment inspections. These inspections:

  • Minimize risk by identifying issues before shipment
  • Protect the company's brand by ensuring consistent quality
  • Save costs by preventing the shipment of defective goods

Tips for Avoiding Common Problems of Pre-Shipment Inspections in China

To avoid common problems, businesses should:

  • Choose the right inspection company
  • Set clear expectations and standards
  • Ensure commitment and responsibility from the inspection agency

How QIS Can Help

QIS offers comprehensive pre-shipment inspection services. Choosing QIS offers several benefits:

  • Experienced inspectors who understand international standards
  • Detailed reports that provide actionable insights
  • Fast and reliable service


What are the 3 methods of pre-shipment inspection? The three methods are: random sampling, 100% inspection, and batch inspection.

Who pays for pre-shipment inspection? Typically, the buyer pays for the pre-shipment inspection to ensure unbiased results.

What is a Chinese inspection? A Chinese inspection refers to the process of inspecting goods in China before they are exported.

How do I get a pre-shipment inspection certificate? You can obtain a certificate by hiring an inspection company like QIS to conduct a pre-shipment inspection. After the inspection, the company will provide a certificate confirming the results.

In conclusion, pre-shipment inspections are a crucial step in the importing process. By understanding their importance and how to avoid common problems, businesses can ensure the quality of their goods and protect their interests.


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