Start Your FBA Wholesale Business? - One-stop Guide for Beginner


How can you start your FBA Wholesale Business?

To start this business Some important things are needed
Legalities of business such as
LLC Registration
EIN Number
Reseller permit
Bank account
Phone number
Professional email
For the UK:
LTD with 20% VAT register
Bank Account
Phone number
Step 1: Account & LLC registration
First, make an individual account when your account is verified hire an agent to register your company (LLC) once your company registration process is completed convert your individual account into professional
Step 2: Professional website
Now You have to need a website with a dummy listing to take approval from Brands and open a trade account with Distributors.
Step 3: Product Hunter
Find profitable products with the help of (KEEPA & H10) and take approval from their brands or their distributors/wholesalers after getting approval to shortlist 3-5 products & and order inventory of 20 units of each product in the initial stage
it's not easy pizzy on this stage you will get a lot of rejections from brands but what you have to do is be confident do SABAR and push yourself to come with more passion 'SABAR makes you successful' so be Patience.
Step 4: Shipment Plan
Create a shipment plan and generate labels & send it to the prep center When the labels and product inspection are done, your inventory is ready to reach Amazon Wearhouse
Step 5: Invntory Go Live
when Amazon confirms & verifies our inventory, our listing will be ACTIVE. Once Products are live, you have to select at least 2 profitable products that are good in sales and generate excellent profit and order in bulk.
in wholesale, you don't need to create a new listing you just have to me too with brand listing and there is no need to run PPC or giveaways the reason his products are already ranked BUT
if you want to run PPC so you can for better results but you're unable to run PPC until you will get the buy box.
That Way You can start your FBA WHOLESALE journey.

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