The Comprehensive Guide to Pre-shipment Inspections in China by QIS

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China, the world leader in exporting goods, has seen a surge in imports, with a total worth of 2591.1 Billion USD in 2022. This growth has opened up profitable opportunities for organizations worldwide. However, the strict regulations and requirements implemented by many countries for imported goods necessitate a crucial step in the supply chain - Pre-shipment inspection (PSI). This article provides a comprehensive guide on PSI, its benefits, and the process of conducting it within China.

What is a Pre-shipment Inspection?

A PSI is performed once goods are 100% completed, packed, and ready to be shipped. The inspection ensures that the goods prepared by the manufacturer meet the agreed standard set out by the buyer’s purchase order and the governing body’s regulations. In most countries, a PSI is a requirement by customs to protect consumers.Pre-shipment inspection (Final QC) - CIL China

Why is a PSI Important for China Imports?

PSI’s are beneficial for both manufacturers and buyers. They help keep up with the latest regulations regarding the shipment of goods, prevent bottlenecks in the supply chain, and provide security to buyers. If goods are not up to regulatory standard, they would be sent back, and fines would be levied. PSI’s also protect a buyer's brand when goods reach consumers.

Potential Issues with PSI Inspections in China

In China, common issues with PSI’s include a complacent attitude, focus on internal interests, and misunderstanding of company standards. It's essential to choose an inspection organization that provides trustworthy unbiased results and fully understands your company’s standards.

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How Pre-Shipment Inspections in China are Conducted

The process of conducting a PSI in China involves several steps, including a supplier visit, signing of compliance documents, inspection, delivery of certificate, and a comprehensive PSI report. The inspection includes afinal random inspection of a randomly selected sample of goods, package, label, tag, instruction inspections, functionality testing of the goods, measurement of the size and weight of the shipment, testing of bar code, and finally, sealing the shipment.


PSI’s are a required and beneficial way for buyers and manufacturers to ensure that goods are up to regulatory standards before arriving at customs. This ensures that an organization's reputation is not damaged by low-quality or potentially dangerous goods being provided to clients. With 3rd party inspection agents giving peace of mind to having a smooth and efficient supply chain.

QIS (Qualityloyal Inspection Service) has over 10 years of experience with inspection services in industry-leading quality control, including Pre-Shipment Inspections. Providing rigorous testing from highly trained inspectors to ensure shipments are safe and up-to-date with the latest regulations.

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