The Things You Must Know For Pre shipment Inspection


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Are you looking for a good reputable inspection company?

Here are some general notes about inspection companies that we tell you on our experience.

If you have been doing this as newbie, be cautious when choosing an unlicensed inspection company.

If you are importing order bulk, Amazon FBA, especial for PRIVATE LABEL (means significant modifications or unique products) or if your product requires certification,then always...

1) Do AQL inspection in China prior to shipment. The work is called a pre-shipment inspection. AQL is a statistical random sampling and acceptable quality level, program.

2) Stipulate that your product must pass inspection before shipping, and before payment (or payment of balance) if you do not arrange terms.

3) Make sure your inspection company is licensed as an inspection company.

4) Make sure your inspection company has an anti-bribery policy.

5) Make sure your inspection company rotates inspectors, so that the 3rd party inspector does not build a relationship with the factory boss.

6) Make sure your inspection company does not do sourcing, shipping,consulting etc. It may appear simpler to use a all-in-one shop, but it can lead to problems. Inspection companies that do those things are financially motivated (will make more money) if they approve products of questionable quality. By law, licensed inspection companies are not allowed to be sourcing, consulting companies, freight forwarders. Companies that offer more than inspections cannot be licensed as an independent inspection company.

7) Make sure your inspection company has labs and knows what certifications are needed for products.

qualityloyal inspectionAsk to see the standard inspection template for your product. Example, machine may have a standard 50 points inspection. A wireless microphone may have a standard 30 points inspection. An Christmas gifts kit may have a 20 points standard inspection. All reputable inspection companies have thousands of these templates. They simply add your own specific needs on top ofthese.

By the way, some certifications require 100% inspection - a licensed inspection company will know which ones do.

This should cost $100-$400 per day, company vary price couldvary, greatly depending on the product and workload, to ship by full container and thousands of products and it couldn't cost more than a day. Besides that,some are expensive because those are middle parties, they don't have licensed company, office and inspector, only a website is listing out there, make some beautiful ads and fish your order, forward to other and another "inspection party” after you place order to them.

If you purchase with label (means that you just put your logo on something, and maybe your own box) that does NOT require certifications (electrical certifications, safety certifications, textile certification, FDA certification, CPC for children product ceritfication, etc.) then you may have other options. Consider a visual inspection. It costs less.

Also consider shipping the product to yourself. It's economical but you don't have the same recourse because technically you have taken possession of the product.

Lastly, if the product fails AQL inspection, and the remedy requires a second inspection, NEVER have the factory pay for the second inspection. The inspection should always be paid for by you. Otherwise you are paying the Fox to guard the Chickens. Instead, stipulate that the cost of a second inspection, if required, will be deducted from the balance of the order.

Reputable licensed inspection companies include Qualityloyal, SGS, Intertek, VTrust, and QIMA (formerly called Asianinspection). You can Google these. There are other good ones, by time, you would have experience with each of these companies and they have strong global reputations, integrity, and credibility.

Please do not give up on having an inspection. It is absolutely the right thing to do.

We hope this helps.

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