What is Amazon FBA?


mzon fba

What is Amazon FBA?

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon, Fulfillment by Amazon) meanAmazon to process your storing and shipping for your business (storing, sorting,packaging, shipping, collection, customer service, refund)

What to do to prepare for FAB?

1.      Select the products you are going to sell, packand sent to Amazon warehouse, make sure the product meet Amazon regulations onsafety, quantity limits, storing, shipping

2.      When you start to send your product to FBA, loginyour FBA center to complete the shipment documents fulfillment, print thebarcode stickers (product and shipping carton) and labelled by you, the supplier,or 3rd party

What are the advantages of FBA?

1.      Increase your listing ranking, to be featuredsellers, achieve golden shopping cart, bring customer trust, of course, pop upyour sales.

2.      Warehouses located in many countries,intelligent management.

3.      Fast shipping and quick delivery to the client

4.      7*24 Amazon professional customer service

5.      Figure out the negative review and disputes ifit’s caused by FBA shipping.

6.      Over-heavy product are available for shippingeasily on Amazon powerful logistic ability.

What are the dis-advantages of FBA?

1.      For most product (order), it would spend more expensiveshipping costs than that of FBM (Fulfillment By Merchant)

2.      Poor flexibility ( when product in warehouse, ifyou want to adjust the unit including or consolidate as well as separating, itwill take long time to work out)

3.      No clearance service for any shipment if ithappens, so seller have to pay more for the DDP (Duty Delivery Prepaid) shippingservice

4.      If any problem on the barcode on product cause scanningissues, it would fail to store and need high cost to check and fix

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