What is an Amazon FBA Inspection?

AMAZON FBA INSPECTIONWhat Inspection Should Do on Amazon FBA?

Its also name Pre-shipment Inspection, its a process of quality control being carried out before shipping to Amazon warehouses, which is a necessary work to guarantee your product meeting order requirements.

This type of inspection is normally not included in the price of products decided with the manufacturer. Therefore, third-party services are available to fulfill this requirement imposed by Amazon.

What are the points on the inspection service?

Random Selection
At the 80 percent completion point, random pieces are pulled. The goal is 8 and 2 - For every ten products, two are allowed defects. Any more, and the entire batch may be pulled.
ANSI / ASQC Z1.4 (ISO 2859-1) is the international standard for the inspection process. The Acceptable Quality Limit (Acceptable Quality Level), AQL, is previously determined by agreement of importer and manufacturer and is a necessary part of the contractual agreement.

There are three levels of defects in a pre-shipment inspection with each defect escalating into the next.
Small - Defects of this level will not affect functionality. Think small miscolorations.
Major - These are problematic and must be resolved immediately. The manufacturer risks the entire batch in this case.
Critical - The batch has serious issues. Products involving chemicals such as cosmetics, often require professional laboratories to complete the inspection. The batch is always refused in the case of a critical defect.

The inspection team covers the order and shipment. This is perhaps the most detailed of all the process and is when issues are most likely discovered. This step takes considerable time but importers consider this to be the de facto part of the inspection process.

AMAZON FBA INSPECTIONBeside the necessary quality aspect check, there are some checklists to make sure the product available on   Amazon FBA regulation must be met when the inverntory is ready for warehosue storing, scanning and shipping.


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