You Should Know - Amazon Private Label vs Wholesale



1. Product Hunting:
For any PL, product hunting is the first and the most important step. Without a winning product, your launch can be failed so always go for the winning product from every aspect.
2. Competitor Analysis:
Competitor analysis is very important for the sourcing of your product. You can analyse which of the things your competitors are lacking so you can add that thing.
3. Product Sourcing:
Then, the most important step of PL is product sourcing. Due to this step, you can set a good profit margin for your product so basically, your negotiation skills matter the most in this step.
4. Keyword analysis:
This is the fourth step you do before your listing to optimize your listing and to come on top. You shortlist high search volume keywords and make a report of your keywords.
5. Product Listing:
Product listing is the fifth step that you do. After the keyword analysis, make sure you select the future release date and launch date of your product while creating a listing that will have the same ranking effect as any new listing would have.
All of the successful launches use this technique.
• CPR 8 days giveaways:
• When your inventory goes live do giveaways for straight 8 days in order to be on the1st page.
• Run a PPC campaign:
• You can run a PPC campaign as well right after your inventory goes live but the only thing is you don't know that whether with sponsored ads your inventory will sell out or not. So, better to do giveaways first and then run PPC for 3 months in order to come on top.


1. Product hunting:
In wholesale, product hunting is important. You can easily get products with higher profits from Keepa, manual hunting and reverse sourcing.
2. Product Sourcing:
The most important and difficult step of wholesale is product sourcing, it's too difficult to get a supplier of a product. It takes probably 30 days or even more to have an approval of a brand.
Always go with a small brand first so that when you approach big brands, you'd have some brands approval and give a reference of them.
3. Send inventory to prep center for labels:
When the inventory from a brand/wholesaler/­distributor reaches your prep center then give the FNSKU's to your inventory.
4. Create shipment from Prep center to Amazon Warehouse:
When the labels and inspection are done then your inventory is good to reach to Amazon warehouse.
5. Inventory goes live:
In wholesale, there's no need to run any PPC or do giveaways. Even, you're not supposed to make a listing.
If we compare these 2 models, then Wholesale is an easy model but product sourcing is a difficult stage where you get fed up but in PL, the only hard thing is to do product hunting then the whole process is actually easy and you really enjoy it.
But whatever its PL or Wholesale, to avoid damaged product shipping to Amazon warehouse, booking a pre-shipment Inspection service for your product before shipping out is necessary.

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